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Plays by Mahmud needed wanted to attract a different type of audience from what they were attracting. So first ideal audience avatar, then renewed podcast description, intro, outro, vision, mission, and cover was made. As a result:

Detailed Study

Since the start of Plays by Mahmud, two series were active. One is called “Entrepreneurship a Gamble” (EAG) and another is called “The Next Angle” (TNA). Both ran once a week, on every Mondays and Fridays, and targeted two different audiences. One audience was entrepreneurs and another was growth minded learners. Although the current audience is great but it was not heading towards the direction which the host wanted it to be. And was sure that something to be changed. 

And the process began. First the vision of the podcast was created after looking 20 years of projected growth. And the vision is, “To be the go to podcast for dreamers and action takers by enabling them to reach their full potential “. After that why they wanted to reach that vision was created aka mission statement. And that is, “To turn dreamers into action takers so that people don’t die in regret“.

After that, 2 ideal audience avatars were created. It consisted the demographics and physiographic i.e. fears, assumptions, objections, expectations, and obstacles of ideal client with journey from awareness to loyalty. Then we combined the 2 audience the profiles to 1 based on the common physiographic details. In one sentence the new target audience is, “Visionary and entrepreneurial people who are thirsty to learn more about business and productivity how-to.”

Then we created the value proposition in 10 words after answering the following questions:

  • Can you state one problem that your ideal listener (or you!) will most strongly identify with? 

A: Lack to proper steps

  • Can you tell them specifically how you help them solve that problem? 

A: By taking action on what we will be sharing.

  • Can you relate why you are the one they should come to for that solution? Why are you unique? 

A: Because host is like them. Curious, Hungry and Ready to take action. And have already started taking action

  • Can you add some actionable takeaways to the mix? 

A: That’s what the podcast is aimed towards.

  • What can you provide to help them DO SOMETHING with the information you’ve given them? 

A: Community of like minded people

And that is, “Curious guy learning steps from veterans for making it big.

Then we created the description for the podcast. The question that we answered now are:

  1. Who is it for?
  2. What will they get from it?
  3. Who are you?
  4. What can de expect?


That description is, “Plays by Mahmud is for visionary and entrepreneurial learners who are thirsty for actionable advice and steps to make the next big thing. I, the host, is a curious and hungry guy who is ready to take action and is here to learn along with you from the great people who made it and made it big. There will be interview based episodes on every Tuesdays and Fridays which will be 30-60 minutes. And there will be one Q/A episode every month answering all the questions that you have in your mind. So make sure to hit the subscribe button cause you know that you want to grow, and grow exponentially.

After that we created and recorded the intro and outro for the podcast. And finally we ended the branding process by creating the guest criteria nd cover image for the podcast.

After a few days the podcast started to attract the new target audience of young dreamers of age 18-27 from 35-59. And the podcast was submitted to Podchaser, iVoox, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Reason.

Then more people are wanting to be guest of the show. And we are making partnerships and strategic alliances through the  podcast.

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