OmniDevelo Rebranding


The aim was to completely rebrand OmniDevelo from a software development company to a branding/ brand development company. So first the purpose, mission, vision were created, then ideal customer was made,  then values were discovered, then messaging was created and then finally visual elements were redesigned. As a result: 

  1. Unnecessary partnerships were diminished
  2. Brand strategy framework was created
  3. Employees were motivated

Detailed study

OmniDevelo was a regular software development and design startup. And because of covid-19 and intense competition of in the market place they were not growing at all. They knew they needed change and needed to revamp the whole company as it didn’t had a clear purpose. So I came in.

First I started the purpose discovery of the company with the leadership team. After answering a few difficult question one being, “What’s the reason you are in business beyond making money?” we found the purpose of the company. That is, “To create innovative companies while educating to make a difference”. 

Then we started to create the vision and mission of the brand. After understanding the 20 year projection of the company we were able to set the vision of the company. That is , “To be the largest private branding company by creating connective brands across different industries”.

Then it’s time for mission after answering the questions, “Why do you want to reach the vision?” and after understanding the compatibility of the company we defined the mission to be, “To flourish organizations with most impactful missions”. 

The personal golden circle discovery of the founder was done and the founder’s values were discovered. And as the personality of the founder is flowed to the organization where he is present (specially for smaller organizations), so the values and principles of the founder were set as company’s values and principles. These are: 

  1. To be Transparent: To be transparent about who I am and what I want to be
  2. To Respect: To respect others regardless of their external and internal choices
  3. To grow: To consistently grow through learning new things
  4. To be kind: To be kind toward others while understanding the whole context
  5. To collaborate: To collaborate with others in a way we can grow competitively.


After that we created 3 ideal client profiles. And we defined the target markets, demographics and psychographic information i.e.  fears, assumptions, objections, expectations, and obstacles of ideal client with journey from awareness to loyalty. Then we combined the 3 client profiles to 1 based on the common physiographic details. 

Then we used the ERRC (eliminate, reduce, raise, & create) model from Blue Ocean Strategy to create white spaces for the company’s offer/service. And the touch points for the products were also discovered for making customer experience better at each point.

Then we worked on the positioning of the company. For that first direct and indirect competitors determined then the onlyness exercise was done to understand in which position OmniDevelo is the only winner. Then the positioning statement was developed for knowing where to positioning the company in the market.

Then lastly for messaging, tagline was developed by turning positioning statement into tagline, 30-second elevator pitch, and brand story was crafted to using 7 step hero journey from Story Brand it in communication with customers. And all these are needed for communicating with customers and writing copy for company’s online and offline presence.

And in the whole process the brand strategy framework was developed. And they found out that what partnerships was unnecessary and hindering company’s growth. And the team now found deeper meaning and fulfillment from work.

Btw did I mentioned that I am the founder of OmniDevelo?

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