OmniDevelo Temporary Website


For temporary use a website was needed to connect with new prospects. A website and its copy was created. And OmniDevelo was able to connect with numerous new businesses.

Detailed study

OmniDevelo needed to be rebranded completely because of the competition in the market place. And during a time (in the rebranding process) when the website was being recreated a new campaign started. The campaign was about creating community of entrepreneurs. 

For that they were connecting with a large number of businesses in Dhaka. And most of them were new connections. So the first thing they asked for was the website and the proposal. The proposal was created separately but a straight forward website was need quickly. 

Now, the website needed to show what OmniDevelo did, process of work, who they worked with and testimonials. Luckily they already had the testimonials and what they do cleared. And as the strategy part of the rebranding process was completed, the process of work and who they work with was also know. So we directly went into the designing of the website. 

The first thing we did was to create the outline for the website. And it was decided that a one page website would be enough to create the temporary website.

The hero section was created by stating the value proposition and the tagline as a visitor doesn’t take more than 5 sec to decide weather to stay on the page or not. Then a straight about section was written based on the need of ideal client because that’s what’s matter for the target client.

Then the brand discovery process was stated to clarify what OmniDevelo did for the clients. Then the 3 step process of working with them was stated to familiarize the clients about the process.

After that for credibility the testimonials were added. Then lastly the contact form and social media links were added. And the website was completely.

 Then they added the website link with the proposal and confidently sent it to hundreds of businesses. And major portion of the businesses accepted the proposal and joined the community. 

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