Bangladesh College Photography Association Branding


The goal was to give Bangladesh College Photography Association (BCPA) a unique web presence for attracting talents, announcing events, and registration for events. So I helped them to create the foundational brand strategy and the website. As a result:

Detailed Study

Bangladesh College Photography Association (BCPA) is a college level photographers platform. When they started they had around 30 people working with them. But they didn’t had any online presence. And although they had a great vision but they didn’t had a great way to showcase it to others (throughout the county). And they thought that they needed a website which they can use for announcing events and for registration by participants. And also to attract talent from different part of the country. So they reached out to me.

Firstly I discovered the problem was articulating the vision and mission to clearly communicate it with others. So we started working on the vision and after viewing 20 years into the future we decided that the vision would be “To revolutionize college level photography by giving career opportunities and international recognition“.

Then the mission/ reason why they wanted to fulfill the vision is, “To give opportunity to college photographers so that they don’t have to sacrifice their dreams”.

Then we started working on the website for BCPA because they needed to scale nationally. So the first thing that we did was to outline the website. The most important thing points for the website were to create a place where the students can learn more about Picxellence Award 1.0 and register for the event. The also equally important was to give single or multiple pages dedicated to the hard working members, ambassadors, well wishers. partners and sponsors. And other must have website pages like home, about(showcasing vision, mission & goals), and contact. 

So the website was complete in 3 days but there was a issue with domain because “” wasn’t available. So the a different domain needed to be selected. The new selected domain was ““. Then the website was transferred to the domain and hosting of BCPA.

So now I asked them to go and start reaching out to different potential well wishers/ supporters, different sponsors, and taking registration for their first event. Also also to start getting applications for campus and district ambassadors. So they exactly did.

As a result from being unknow by not many people nationally their first event was very successful. And they received 35 district ambassadors, 200+ campus ambassadors and 1300+ Participants (Highest milestone in college level competition) for Picxellence Award 1.0 event. They had a number of sponsors, partners, and well-wishers.

They got featured on different news channels and recognition from a number of famous photographers. 

And they became the largest college photography platform in the country. 

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