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A M Mahmud’s LinkedIn


The main objective was to make the LinkedIn profile credible and professional and from ground 0. So, first the target client persona was created, then the profile was set upped with all the elements (profile picture, banner, bio, featured section, about experience, and endorsements) of the profile, and then worked on profile growth. As a result,

  1. Profile followers went from 0 to 3000+
  2. Received total 1750+ endorsements
  3. Credibility of major to minor decisionmakers
  4. At least 50% message response rate 

Detailed Study

Ihad an inactive LinkedIn account from 2017 or 2019. It had 0 connections, 0 endorsements, no profile picture, no cover or nothing. And when I started my business, OmniDevelo, just before covid lockdown I discovered that LinkedIn was the best place to connect and build relationships with people internationally. But I had no experience related to it. So I started researching and studying online.

I saw many people giving different advice online. So as a newbie I tested everything I thought might work. One of the first things that I did were:

  1. Set up the profile picture with a headshot
  2. Added a random banner/ cover image 
  3. Added “CEO af OmniDevelo” as my bio
  4. Added a description of what I did
  5. Then sending mass messages to the people on the platform after ecreating a message template

It worked but not on the scale I thought it would. Only a handful in hundreds of messages would reply. Then I reflected to see what wasn’t working. 

Then again started researching on Google, YouTube, and a number of books and went through sales funnels of a number of coaches. As a result I started working on my profile again. This time what I did was:

  1. Created ideal client persona 
  2. Used all the character limit of bio because it helps with profile optimization and ranking
  3. Started the bio with “I turn businesses into brands” because ideal clients don’t care about my CEO role but what I did is more important. Also only first few words are visible when some views your post on the feed. So “CEO at OmniDevelo” doesn’t help to attract ideal clients to click on the profile
  4. I created a banner/ cover image saying what I did and how we help
  5. Added proper elements to the featured section to show credibility
  6. Created an about section based on what the ideal client persona was looking for 
  7. Asked my connections who knew me for endorsements

Then changed my message strategy to personalized messages to people whom I want to learn more about. 

Then the response rate sky rocketed. I get at least 50% response rate to the pole whom I newly talk with. I get personal contact no. or other mean to talk to many major decision makers because of this.

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