A. M. Mahmud’s Discovery


The goal is to get clarity with who I am. So the purpose, values, principles, and at what state I am at my natural best was discovered. As a result:

  1. My next best steps were known
  2. Comprised my purpose and thought in words
  3. Understood what drives me

Detailed Study

Being ambitious and optimistic has both positive and negative aspects to it. I am exactly like this and am quite optimistic towards anything. And see everything as an opportunity. Although seeing everything as an opportunity is not exactly a bad thing but being over optimistic is bad.

By over optimistic I not only mean avoiding the negative outcomes but also the fact of sticking with the idea for long time. An idea to turn into a profitable business needs time. And even if it becomes profitable it’s not always a guarantee that you will keep loving to work on it. So it requires a self-discovery to understand what you are doing really matters to you or not. 

Realization is the first step for self-discovery. Then as it’s already complete, I now thought that I had to understand what my purpose aka “why” is. And after reading the book “Find Your Why” I thought that I needed a facilitator for the process. And luckily I found one and her name is Sunny.  

She guided me to empty my mind. Then I started reading books on finding mission statements. And then discovered one unique way to find “why”  is to read an inspirational book then declare a “why” statement and start living on it. Because the “why” most of the time is in the ballpark of the declared statement. Mine was “I want people be the best version of themselves”.

Then I took the “Self-Discovery questionnaire” by Patrick Bet-David containing 83 questions. That make me realized what I where I wanted to be and also discovered what my driving force is. My driving force is “Hope for a amazing future”.

Then I stared working on completing my golden circle which was invented by SImon Sinek. First I restructured my “why” statement to “To help people be the best version of themselves so that we can have an amazing future”. I used the top 5 driving emotions from 83 question questionnaire. Then made the values actionable by adding actionable description. So my how’s/ values were. 

  1. To be Transparent: To be transparent about who I am and what I want to be –

To honestly show who I really am under the surface of success and achievements as a person. And to be fearless about saying what I want to do or achieve.

  1. To Respect: To respect others regardless of their external and internal choices –

To be trustable and respectable by doing what needs to be done and to lead by example to earn respect and love of people. And respecting people’s choices that they took for themselves without any judgment about who they are or how they are raised.

  1. To grow: To consistently grow through learning new things –

To consistently get better at what I do and how I do it without ever having any arrogance about what I already know. So, it’s about being more knowledgeable myself and productive at my tasks.

  1. To be kind: To be kind toward others while understanding the whole context –

To help others feel better and understand them. And to empathize with them by learning about them and their situation to help them to get better emotionally and at their work.

  1. To collaborate: To collaborate with others in a way we can grow competitively –

To collaborate in a way that bring out the best of each of us. And to work together towards building a great future for humanity.

And my what’s are:

  1. Transparency:
  • Vlogs, Blogs, Articles on personal life and also taboo topics


  1. Respect:
  • Solving important problems that are not trendy.
  • Working on innovative ideas that are labelled as risky.
  • Working on projects that are new to a specific market.
  • Creating companies that produces customizable products


  1. Growth:
  • Sharing knowledge-based content.
  • Sharing productive how-to.
  • Sharing motivating/ ethics-based content.
  • Sharing new discoveries and new learnt things.
  • Book suggestions


  1. Kindness:
  • Mental health advice/ content.
  • Giving people a platform to speak.
  • Surprise messages/ conversations.
  • Sharing tips about how to perform better.
  • Soft-skill teachings.
  • Contents/ applications to understand themselves.
  • Communication skill increasing content/ training.


  1. Collaboration:
  • Strategic partnerships.
  • Creating communities.
  • Creating network of communities.
  • Community projects.
  • Physical and virtual events.
  • Joint community projects.
  • Joint teaching campaigns for underprivileged.
  • Connecting people with opportunities.


After going through my “what’s” I understood my next steps. I now end by saying that self discovery is a life-long process. And you need to reflect on yourself at multiple stages of your life. 

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