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What is Plays by Mahmud podcast?

Plays by Mahmud is for visionary and entrepreneurial learners who are thirsty for actionable advice and steps to make the next big thing. I, the host, is a curious and hungry guy who is ready to take action and is here to learn along with you from the great people who made it and made it big. There will be interview based episodes on every Friday which will be 30-60 minutes. And there will be one Q/A episode every month answering all the questions that you have in your mind. So make sure to hit the subscribe button cause you know that you want to grow and grow exponentially.

Crush with your Confidence with Scott Ballard
Speak your dreams into existence with Billionaire P.A.
Perfecting your Niche with Rodney H. Dixon
Know if you are in the right business & Sell to Billion Dollar companies with David Anthony
Understand others by looking at them with Alan Stevens
Understanding people to master sales with Jessica Koch
Bengali entrepreneurial stereotypes with Dr. Noor A Ali
Resolving mental health issues with Alan Stevens
Product market fit and Social media with Sam Kamani
Getting the numbers right and cancer with Andrea Wilson Woods
Podcasting and voice tech with Michael DeAloia
How to create your Bucket list with Trav Bell
How to scale a business with Jan Cavelle
Mastering LinkedIn with Tracy Enos
Tech ecosystem and Immigration to Canada with Yousuf Khatib
Getting to next level by asking right questions with Oumar Dieng
Family, Finances and Fitness with Dai Manuel
Purpose and enjoyment with Andrew Millar
Constructing your career and thought leadership with Elinor Moshe
ASL community and Motivation with Chistopher Jackson
Starting business after 40, rental real-estate and courage with Stephanie Taylor
LinkedIn social selling, sales and near death with Jackie Rainforth
Secrets of the rich, Tax, and Gains with Brett Swarts
Retirement, growth, and traveling with Jacquie Doucette
Becoming a real-estate Developer, Raising Funding and Sailoring with Nicole Bremner
Travelling, Education and Death with Shiggi Pakter
Truth, journey, and generations with Jarie Bolander
Podcasting and the Future with Alex willims
Entrepreneurship, mindset and spiritual awakening with Angel Ribo

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