Introducing the Future Blogs & Why You Should Care: Pragmatic & Taboo

The world is now at it’s peak of connectivity compared to the past. And this connectivity will keep deepening s as the time passes. And those who are not taking active steps to ensure that their actual ideals, values, and interests are presented or manage properly, others are doing that for them. And when other’s do that you lose your real online identity. The blogs on this site are one way for me to ensure that I am taking control of my narrative and help others do that as well.

So What's the future of blogs on this site and what to expect?

Educating people who love to read is the primary aim of the personal blogs of this site. There will be personal and professional stories, how-to tactics, productivity hacks, and a number of educative posts by me or my team. And for sure I will talk about a number taboo topics and topics that people don’t talk about that much. Everything that I personally say are my current (date of blog publish) ideas and point of view. And all the pronouns that are used in the gender neutral way respecting all genders.

People will control your narrative if you don’t

Also I don’t want this blog to be used for me personally. I want others to be able to share their voices and make this a safe place for sufferers. So guest posts are more that welcome here. The type of guest posts that I am looking for are:

  • Experiences of people who are suffering from insecurities.
  • Experiences of those who are suffering from abuse at home or at work place.
  • Point of views of people who aren’t able to share their views publicly because of shame or negative public outrage.
  • Experiences of experts who can add value to / enrich readers’ views.

If you want to send your blog the use the contact form below contact first. Before you send your article please tell your topic. There is a short authority or legitimacy test before any guest posts.

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