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Consultant | Podcaster | Strategist | UX Designer

About Me

Hi, I am Mahmud (You can call me A. M. as well). I am an entrepreneur, branding consultant, podcaster, and UX and web designer. I’ve started, worked on, failed, and made a lot of projects successful. Three initiatives that I am actively working on are OmniDevelo, ListenIN, and Bangladesh College Photography Association.

System thinking

After practicing critical thinking for a long I challenged myself to think beyond by practicing to master system thinking 

Attracting talents

Have been working actively to recruit best talents from different domains for the last 2 years for different industries


Plays by Mahmud Podcast

Plays by Mahmud is for visionary and entrepreneurial learners who are thirsty for actionable advice and steps to make the next big thing. I, the host, is a curious and hungry guy who is ready to take action and is here to learn along with you from the great people who made it and made it big.